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4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair

4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair


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  • 4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair 4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair

4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair

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4.0mm Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair

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4.0mm (AXST)Ball Earring w/Ring 14KGF per pair. .. .. Gold filled metal is made by bonding a thin layer of gold to a base metal (either sterling silver or brass) using high heat and pressure. The result is a metal that is less expensive than solid gold but much more durable than gold plated. The gold filled wire is 14/20 gold filled (meaning 1/20th 14 karat). Here the 1/20 refers to the ratio of the 14 karat (plumb) gold layer to the base metal layer by weight, which is 5%.? What is the Difference Between Gold Filled and Gold Plated? To gold plate a metal you place the metal into a special solution that contains gold. The metal is then electrically charged for an instant. The electrochemical reaction creates a microscopic thin layer of gold on the surface of the metal. This very thin layer can be worn off by rubbing or through body oils. Over time the electric charge will wear off and the gold layer may flake off in large sections. In contrast, the gold filled layer is about 100 times thicker than a plated surface. The high heat and pressure used to bond the gold creates a layer that does not rub off, wear off, or flake off easily. ? How Durable is Gold Filled Metal? Gold filled metal is very durable. Unlike gold plated jewelry you can wear gold filled jewelry every day. ? Will Gold Filled "Turn"? When people ask the above question, they are usually wanting to know one of two things: (a) Will the gold filled tarnish? Yes. All metals will tarnish over time. Tarnish is the sulphur in the air interacting with the surface of the metal. It can be removed in a number of ways. For instance: A soft cloth and/or a soft bristled tooth brush with mild soap and water should be enough to remove surface tarnish. (b) Will the gold filled turn my skin green? No, it should not. Gold filled has a thick enough layer of gold to protect most people from this reaction.? I Can't Wear Anything Less Than 14 karat pure (plumb) gold. Can I Wear Gold Filled? It depends on the individual. Many people with known metal sensitivities have been able to wear gold filled jewelry without any problems.

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