7 Ways to Turn a Jewelry Browser into a Buyer

If you sell your jewelry at shows, you might want to find out how a pretty disciplined and seasoned professional showgoer winds up becoming a customer, too. You probably know these things in your heart already.  But if you're not a professional salesperson, it's easy to forget what you're supposed to do in the anxiety of that performance moment.

1. Display less. 

"Easy does it":  less selling all around is more effective. When you display jewelry, place only a few on a velvet pad. It will draw more attention and the designs will simply speak for themselves! It looks neat, professional and full of confidence.
2. Encourage looking. 

Greet the customer friendly. Stand back and allow them to browse through the glass. If they look interested, take the items out and lay it in front of them. Don’t try to put jewelry on customers just to make a sale

3. Ask not what they like: Ask what they like best.  

Encourage your customer to choose their FAVORITE item! They will most likely try it on right away, if they are not satisfied, they will definitely try another one!

4. Offer alternatives—not too fast and not too many. 

When a customer has their eyes on a specific item, but are not comfortable with the color, or the design, offer a similar item that will suit their taste. It will also give them an opportunity to choose between the two options

5. Help justify the purchase. 

Whether it was their birthday, or the customer has a friend in mind, compliment the thought and justify the purchase

6. Throw in an extra. 

Offer free custom alterations. Whether they don’t like the clasp, or the item is slightly too big, offer to adjust it accordingly. Everyone loves anything that is free

7. Promote and sell on the Web.

Advertise your pieces on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or even on your Google+ account! If more people see your jewelry, the bigger chance you will have in making a sale!