Shopping cart abandonment isn’t looked at enough by start-up or small internet retailers as what counts at the end of the day is just looking at traffic and sales. However, by analyzing your shopping cart abandonment rates, you can analyze user behavior better and understand what items may be being abandoned the most, etc. It’s important to point out that shopping cart abandonments are caused by a few different reasons on any particular website which can include price, trust factors, navigation, design and any other factor that may cause a user to think twice or leave the ecommerce website. Nevertheless, it’s important that you put a strategy behind getting some of those shoppers back to your website to complete the sale. Two strategies can be put toward bringing these visitors back. 1. Automated Email Shopping Cart Platforms: There are platforms that will email your customers back (if they create an account or sign up to your website prior to purchase or if they start completing a part of checkout) which will email your customers to bring them back to your website to complete the sale. These types of programs can turn out to have a good conversion rate by incentive shoppers by bring them back with a coupon or a great message to convince them they should shop and buy the product they were looking for on your website. 2. Re targeting: Retargeting marketing uses cookies (from whatever platform you choose to use for retarget marketing) to drop it on the users browsers and then keep serving that user with ads from your website for the amount of days you choose. This is not only to stick the users brand in their head but it can and may also very well make them come. At Silver Hills we want you to complete your purchase to experience internet service at it's best. We want to be able to wow you with our fine service. That is why we send out an abandoned cart email after the items has been in your cart for 3 weeks without the sale being concluded. And we also send a 10% discount coupon with the email. This email is generated by the software and sometimes the customer has already concluded the sale and for that we ask apologies and promise to not pester you with offers unnecessarily.