Buying at Silver Hills Gems

I just want to take you on a brief journey of how to buy items from Silver Hills Gems

Our commitment to you is that we will only stock items of quality at a price you can afford. If you are not happy with anything you buy from us, we will gladly take it back and refund you or credit you with points. Imagine that: You never need to be stuck with anything you are unhappy with. This liberates you to buy with confidence

The website is built on the Magento ecommerce platform. Currently Magento has 23% of the world share in ecommerce platforms and well known brands such as Samsung, Nike and Ford uses Magento. We are proud to have a user friendly website that is easy to use.

We have designed the website around different categories. Firstly we have

  • Findings,
  • then strings of gemstones to make jewellery with and
  • jewellery and then we have
  • stones and rocks.

We specialize in genuine gemstones and other focus beads to use with the gemstones such as pearls.

We are known for stocking items that will not tarnish such as stainless steel.

When you open the website you will see a tab on the top that says testimonials. Please click on that and read what others say about us. Please take the time to also read the About us page to learn more about us and here you will also find our policy on shipping and returns , The link to our blog is also here.

On the left hand you will see the FAQ tabs(Frequently asked questions). Click on this and see what others have asked.

Now click on Sign up or log in with Facebook tab on the top right. The facebook log in will work if you are already signed into Facebook on that device.

After signing up you will see that you are now logged in and you will see a new price in red below the shop price. This is the price you will pay.


You can now browse the website and go to your favourite items and add the items to your basket. The basket is on a tab that looks like a shopping cart on the right hand top of the page. Hover over it and you will see two tabs. The one will take you to the shopping basket and the other one to checkout. If you go to the shopping basket you can check your items that are in the basket and then change the quantities here. Now comes the fun part where you place your order when you go to the checkout page.

The checkout page has 3 columns.

The first column has your shipping and billing address. Please make sure that these are correct. We will need a physical address if you pick the courier option.

The second column has both the postage and payment tabs. The postage appears to be long but it basically gives you 4 options of postage.

a. Post office, with or without insurance. If you choose not to insure it will not be paid out when lost.

b. Speed services. Counter to counter and Door to door. Here you also have the option to pick the more expensive option by insuring the parcel.

c. Aramex couriers. This is run by Berco Couriers in conjunction with Pick and Pay. It cost R99 to anywhere where there is a pick and pay pick up point. It can be a bit confusing. It is best to contact them direct and ask them if they deliver to your area. This is a bin to door option.

d. Then we have Fastway couriers. Fastway couriers is a privately run company run by franchisees. The Rustenburg Franchise pick up from us and then passes it on to another franchise that will deliver it to you. We have had problems with some franchises before in service delivery. We will make sure that the parcels are picked up in time but cannot guarantee that each franchise is as committed to delivering the parcel on time. The cost is really affordable. It starts from R42 –R45 per 15 kg parcel to most mayor places. It is best to visit the site at to determine if they deliver to your area. If it says that you need a grey sticker costing R150 it means that they personally do not deliver there but uses a third party. Please do not pick that postage option then. It is always more expensive

Lastly we have the payment options.

  1. The first payment option is EFT payment. This is the preferred method of most buyers. When you pick this option you are making an undertaking with us that you will pay us within 7 days of placing the order. The payment details will be send to you as soon as we have taken out the order and have determined how many items we can supply to you. Usually it is all the items you have ordered. Our stock is 99% accurate.
  2. Or you can pay us with credit card. We will only charge your card when the items have been taken out and not when you submit the order. This means that it might take a day or two before we charge your card.

You can also apply your loyalty points while you are in the shopping basket or the checkout page. You earn 5% in points every time you buy something from Silver Hills Gems. It works like this. If you buy for R100 you get R5 worth of points. How neat is that! And you have 3 months in which your points are kept until you spent it.

Customers tell us that the one thing they really like about Silver Hills Gems are the small things we do for our customers. The free shipping above R1000, the points they earn when they buy and the vouchers they receive when they have their birthday.

Click on submit order and you will hear back from us within the hour. We usually take out the order the same day and always ship the same day that payment has been received. We provide you with a tracking number that you can track and trace.

It is such a pleasure to do business with Silver Hills Gems