There are so many fun things about having your own small business and doing craft shows: getting outdoors, meeting new people, developing relationships with customers and other artists, getting more creative AND making money!


Doing craft shows is very hard work and there’s been lots written on how to assure success at shows. You’ve probably heard a lot of it. Make eye contact, don’t sit all day, encourage people to come into your booth and so on...


Have a positive attitude!


During these economic times, just as we’re having to make adjustments in other areas of our lives, there may need to be a bit of a shift in the way we approach selling our jewelry.


Let’s face it, buying jewelry has always been a luxury. But it doesn't mean that you have to stop! Often when people feel the most stressed, buying themselves a small gift is exactly what they want to do. Having a positive attitude is rule number one for selling anything!


Make It Easier for Customers to Buy


Today’s market requires a good range of price points. That doesn’t mean giving away pieces for nothing that took you hours to make.


Come up with some new, original designs that take little time with inexpensive materials and make them available next to your more expensive pieces.


If you draw a crowd with beautiful designs, priced to sell, chances are your pricier pieces will be hard for some of them to resist!


Change your style!


As time goes by, people change. They get a different mindset everytime they walk pass a jewelry store. You have to keep your designs fresh!


Also remember to design for most ages. You will be surprised by the amount of younger people buying jewelry.


Never doubt yourself! Be confident in your product and share your pride with others! 



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